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Blushing Roses

Delicate pinks to velvety reds, with a touch of vibrant plum to create an extraordinary energy.

Click on the images below to view them in greater detail. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for colour variations due to differences in monitors. Click here to order Free Fabric Samples.

Blushing Roses

Botanica Claret Rococo-Claret Botanica-Coral Rococo-Coral Solar-Dawn Solar-Heather Taiga-Terracotta Flux-Rose Gemini-Rose Glamour-Rose Jubilee-Rose Kudos-Rose Flux-Ruby Glamour-Ruby Jubilee-Ruby Kudos-Ruby Equinox-Berry Equinox-Paprika Sundance-Rose Equinox-Rust Sundance-Terracotta Equinox-Wine Dune-Blush Dune-Bramble Dune-Scarlet Ella-Amethyst Ella-Vermilion Eve-Amethyst Flo-Spice Florio-Blackcurrant Gina-Clementine Gina-Fuchsia Kaia-Bramble Kaia-Scarlet Marsal-Vermilion Milly-Amethyst Mireya-Amethyst Mireya-Vermilion Olansi-Aubergine Olansi-Clementine Olansi-Pink Ophelia-Amethyst Ophelia-Vermilion Otis-Blush Otis-Bramble Otis-Scarlet Ragoni-Fuchsia Samara-Blush Samara-Bramble Samara-Scarlet Scalamandre-Suede-Blackcurrant Sculpture-Strawberry Stranda-Vermilion Sylvi-Blackcurrent Verano-Savannah Verano-Spice Astoria-Burnt-Orange Astoria-Shell Bari-Burnt-Orange Bari-Sand Coco-Cerise Leya-Berry Marco-Berry Orla-Berry Riva-Shell Sylvi-Blackcurrent Tori-Berry Verona-Burnt-Orange