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Choose Your Styles - Get an Instant Quote

So, you've chosen which fabric you want for your curtains, now comes the fun part! This page contains images and information about the various styles we offer, as well as boxes which you can fill in if you would like an Instant Quote. Having filled in all the details of your ideal curtains, or at the very least chosen the dimensions of your curtains and a fabric, you can have the total cost of your curtains instantly calculated by simply clicking on any of the Go! buttons below. The price includes VAT and delivery to anywhere in the UK. You may then print your quote or pay for your curtains using Worldpay and have them delivered to your door. Alternatively, you can change your options on this page one at a time and get as many quotes as you wish!

Curtain Top Styles

Start by choosing what kind of top style, or pleating, you want for your curtains. Do you want pencil pleating? or perhaps something a little more elaborate, like triple pleating or eyelets? The choice is yours! Although we recommend that if you are having a valance your curtains should be made with pencil pleating, as the curtain pleating will be obscured by the valance from most angles.

Click on the images below to view the different top styles we offer.

Pencil Pleat Tab Tops Triple Pleat Goblet Pleat Eyelets Slot Top Panel Valance Attached

Now, please select one option from each of the drop down boxes and type your curtain measurements into the text boxes provided. Tell us what sizes and what fabric(s) you require, including whether your measurements are in inches or centimeters, and whether you want a pair of curtains or a single curtain covering the whole window. Please note that this form was designed for one window dressing. For multiple orders using identical styles, fabrics and dimensions please use the Number of Windows drop down box. For windows of differing styles, fabrics or dimensions please place separate orders for each window or Contact Us. Click here for advice on How to Measure Your Curtains (Then click Back to this page).

Number of Windows

Number of Curtains Per Window

Top Style

Total Curtain Width

Drop Height

Curtain Fabric

Lining Fabric

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Valance Styles

It's Curtains offers you a wide variety of valances made in the same fabric as your curtains, most of which are available with a complimentary contrast fabric of your choice, as an edge trimming or under layering, for example. Most of our samples are shown with a contrast fabric where available. Alternatively, you also have the option of a coloured fringe along the leading edge of your curtains and bottom edge of your valance and tiebacks, or a coloured key tassle on each flag tab top or goth point (see Accessories). Flag tab tops are fitted using a curtain pole. Scarves are fitted using valance creators. The rest of our valances are fitted using our combined (curtain & valance) tracks (see Tracks, Poles and Holdbacks).

Click on the images below to view the types of valances we offer.

Pencil Pleat Triple Pleat Goblet Pleat Swags & Tails Flag Tab Tops Small Box Pleat Double Layered Pettycoat Plait Goth Point Luxury Pelmet Scarf

If you like any of the samples shown above and would like to have a valance with your curtains please fill out the boxes below, remembering that not all of the valance styles are available with a contrast fabric, otherwise leave this part blank and move on. Click here for more advice on How to Measure Your Valance (Then click Back to this page).

Valance Style

Valance Width

Valance Returns

Contrast Fabric

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When you tie your curtains back you allow more light to come through your windows and visually widen them. Where you tie them back is a matter of personal preference. Tied high, in the middle or low each offers a different look with different amounts of light. Choose fabric tiebacks and have them made in the same fabric as your curtains, perhaps with a complimentary trim fabric or coloured fringe (see Acessories). You may want tassle tiebacks in a complimentary colour, or metal or wooden holdbacks in a style which matches your curtain pole (see Tracks, Poles and Holdbacks). We also stock a selection of hooks for your tiebacks (see Accessories).

Click on the images below to view the types of tiebacks we offer.

Normal Tieback Tied Tieback Plait Tieback Coloured Tiebacks Accents Wooden Ball Collar Tieback Bead Tieback Black Metal Spiral Tieback

If you would like tiebacks made in the same fabric as your curtains, or any of the other types of tieback we offer, please make your selection using the drop down boxes below. Please note that trim fabrics are only available with normal and plait tiebacks, and coloured fringes are only available with normal tiebacks. If you do not require tiebacks please leave this part blank and move on to the next stage.


Trim Fabric

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Tracks, Poles and Holdbacks

Choose a curtain track or combined track to suit your needs. Choose a pole from our selection to compliment your own decor. Choose matching holdbacks to complete the look. All size limitations and colour variations are shown for each option. You may also want to use valance creators if you are having a scarf valance (see Accessories). Different top styles and valances can dictate what type of support your curtains require.

Click on the images below to view the types of tracks, poles and holdbacks we offer.

Aluminium Curtain Track Combined TrackByron 50mm19mm Integration Galleria 35mm Options 28mm 19mm Orient Jubilee Brass 35mm Basics Wooden 28mm/19mm Integration Double Layering

To select your chosen track, pole and/or holdbacks please use the drop down boxes below. Remember that your choices are limited by the type of top style and valance you have chosen. You cannot have your curtains on a pole if you have a valance. Flag tab top valances must hang on a pole with the curtains hidden behind on a track. You cannot have holdbacks if you have already opted for tiebacks.




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For those finishing touches, why not choose some luxurious cushions made in the same fabric as your curtains. You can buy hooks for each of your tiebacks or a valance creator for your scarf valance. You can even have your curtains or valance trimmed with a coloured fringe or coloured key tassles.

Click on the images below to view the types of accessories we offer.

Cushion Covers 100mm Valance Creator Tieback Hooks Coloured Fringe Coloured Key Tassle

If you would like any of these accessories please make your selections using the drop down boxes below. If you choose a coloured fringe or coloured key tassles you may be contacted to confirm exactly where you want them. Coloured fringe can be applied to curtains, valances and tiebacks. Coloured key tassles can be applied to goth point and flag tab top valances. The number of matching cushions you choose is independent of the number of windows you are dressing.

Matching Cushions

Valance Creators


Fringe Colour

Key Tassle Colour

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